Komatsu 845

The profit-driving forwarder with low enviromental impact

Komatsu 845

The Komatsu 845 is built to provide the highest possible productivity in thinning and lighter clear cutting. At the same time, it's the forwarder that delivers the best conceivable operating economy but without causing undue impact on the environmental. Here are the 845's most significant strengths:


Comfort Ride

Our unique hydraulic cab suspension not only increases productivity, improves ergonomics and optimizes comfort, it also makes the cabin and the entire forest machine a much better workplace. 

Flexible load area

Flexible load area and new FlexBunk bunks with mechanical widening and hydraulic stake height adjustment enable a 12-ton load capacity regardless of timber length.

Intelligent hydrostatic system

Computerized system (optimizes hydrostatic characteristics to: machine load, ground conditions, slope, obstacles, power and torque output from diesel engine). Enables good diesel engine utilization on low revs with high tractive force and good fuel economy. Reliability – Overspeed protection for hydrostatic motor.

Rugged 12 metric ton loadspace

Rugged 12 metric ton loadspace features the patented FlexGate Headboard which absorbs shocks/jolts from the logs or crane.  Choice of frame lengths and bunk wideners.


The machine is ready for installation of MaxiFleet, the world's first fleet management system for forestry machines. A unique tool that enables searches, compilations and presentations for all the machine and production data that your machine generate, with the powerful MaxiXplorer as the informations source.




A. Width

With 600/55x26,5 tires: 2 620 mm (8'7"). With 710/45x26,5 tires: 2 850 mm (9'4").

B. Length, total

9 306 mm (29'8") (with shortest rear frame)

C. Length, front axle to middle joint

1,850 mm (6'1")

D. Length, middle joint to rear axle

2,897 mm (9'6") (with shortest rear frame)

E. Transport height

3,885 mm (12'9") (hoses included and with tire compression)

F. Ground clearance, at steering coupling

633 mm (2'1")

Approximate weight

16,600 kg (36,597 lb)

Type, Europe and North America

49 AWF-4V, 4-cylinder diesel engine with turbo and intercooler. EPA Tier 4 Final and EU stage 4

Stroke volume

4,9 l (1.3 gal)


140 kW DIN (188 HP) at 1,900 RPM


830 Nm at 1,500 rpm

Fuel Tank

120 l (31.7 gal)

Gross load

12,000 kg (26,455 lb)

Bunk area

3,5 - 4,8 m² (37.7 - 51.7 sq.ft), depending on options and market


Komatsu 105F


7.7 m (25'3") / 10 m (32'10")

Gross lifting torque

103 kNm (75,969 lb-ft)

Gross slewing torque

28.7 kNm (21,170 lb-ft)


G121 and slewing dampened link.


Komatsu G28


280 l/min (74 gal/min) at 2 000 rpm

Max working pressure

245 bar (3,553 psi)


24 V

Battery capacity

2 x 140 Ah


2 x 100A

Driving Speed

0-8/20 km/h (0-5/12.4 mph) (terrain/road) (max speed with steering wheel)

Tractive Force

166 kN (37,318 lbf)

General information

The specifications describe possible equipment, not which equipment is standard or optional. Standard and optional equipment varies between countries. Your sales representative has an up-to-date list of what is included. Weights are based on the equipment specified in the basic specification. Specifications and designs are subject to alteration without prior notice.

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